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  • What do our rates include: If you book through our website, the final cost includes the vahicle custody. trips to the airport and taxes. In case you request for extra services. those will also appear in the final cost. 

  • Free airport service. We do not have a desk inside the airport. Our agent dressed in a yellow shirt, blue skirt/pants will assist you at the office. Our shuttle bus will bring you to our office, just 3 minutes away.  On your way back the service will be the same,  be sure to ask where the pick-up point is.  These services are immediate and without any extra cost.  

  • Requirements for picking up the car: Passport or ID card will be requested.

  • Cancellation Policy: There are no cancellation costs (except possible bank fees).  Requisite:  The cancellation must be made prior to pick-up date.  

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